On Catching Up...

Well, it has been awhile. But while I have been absent from the Internet, I have not been absent from my architectural endeavors. Let’s catch up:

Since we spoke last, I have finished my first year of teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working with both the graduate and undergraduate architecture students was an incredible experience that I am looking forward to repeating again next year. I have attended a multitude of conferences, networking and learning about different preservation techniques, trades, and funding. I audited a class in “Building Diagnostics” with the highly respected and talented Anne Sullivan, director of the HPRES program at SAIC. I set up an office space. I hired my first employee. I picked up two consulting jobs- one for an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and one more environmentally focused project in North Carolina. I learned how to render in Maxwell and do lighting studies in Ladybug. I learned the basics of bookkeeping and the financial side of running a small business. I chopped a significant portion of my thumb off and was confined in a cast for two months (unrelated to the events above, but still pertinent to my life). Oh, and my licensing finally went through after a protracted period of waiting to hear from the underfunded State of Illinois.

So now it’s time to focus my attention back on my primary responsibility, the townhouse. Bekah (the intern) and I will commence the construction document phase of the project on Monday. In the meantime: